10 Innovative Pub Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

These are our top-rated pub marketing strategies to help you get more customers.

Branding is the key to Gen Z and millennial audiences to creating a brand and building brand awareness. A differentiated brand strategy is a great way to make your brand stand out and attract a specific audience.

Create a Creative Website

Once your website is set up, it will work on autopilot. A creative website provides many touchpoints for visitors to connect and engage. Your website is the hub of all your brand strategies. It’s where you can create your brand image. You must make sure your website is perfect.

Social Media is a great way to cultivate your social image.

Social Media is an excellent way to promote your pub. You have many options to increase brand awareness. You can start by creating social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Then, share creative visuals such as behind-the-scenes photos and other stories with your followers.

Partner with an Influencer

Today’s social media landscape is full of lifestyle influencers. Because of the immense potential for building a community, even established celebrities like Kylie and Kendal Jenner take the influencer route. Partnering with a food blogger can bring you high returns as they tap into their communities to get their attention.

You can shroud your pub in mystery.

People want to have access to exclusive events and spaces. It can be a great marketing tool to create a feeling of exclusivity and privilege around your pub. You don’t have to create a feeling of warmth around your pub. It’s best to market it intelligently.

Create Contests

A contest is a great way to attract, engage and retain customers. People love to beat random strangers at random things. Here are some ideas for contests:

  • Have your customers create creative cocktails using a variety of ingredients. The winner will receive a free drink for the rest of their night.
  • Add to The Menu Contest: Choose a group of customers and ask them to bring their best recipes. Have your guests try them and vote. The winning recipe should be available for a limited time only!
  • Karaoke Contest It doesn’t take much planning. Grab a karaoke, and you’re ready to go! Karaoke promises a great time and is a proven way to draw people in.

Drink of the Day

Drink of the Day is a bartending strategy that gets people in the door. Get 30% off your favorite bartender’s drink! This will increase your sales regardless of the discount.

Quirky Happy Hours

Instead of offering standard beer, offer a happy hour that offers 1+1 on your drink of choice! This will get people talking about the happy hour and the drink of the week.

Holidays are a Big Deal

Holidays are a wonderful way to bring people closer together, to share a common cause to party, celebrate, and drink. You can add custom holiday decorations to raise the bar and create holiday menus that reflect the importance of traditions and customs.

There are many ways to add warmth and joy to your drinks. You could make sure you only serve red and green beverages for Christmas. Or, top cocktails with miniature elf figurines and candy cane straws.

Pet-Friendly Parlours

Keep in mind that pet owners are more passionate about their pets than about drinking. You can create special places where guests can bring their pets to enjoy the pet-friendly lifestyle and the peace of drinking. You can create a unique environment for your pet to enjoy by creating cat climbing zones or dog petting kennels.

Although running a pub can be exhausting, promoting it effectively through effective Media is possible. This will increase the number of customers you have, your profit margins and, most importantly, the pub’s enjoyment factor. These creative marketing pub ideas will help you make your name in the PBCL market.


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