Keyless entry in hotels is the new standard, from apps for smartphones to keycards. Is it worth it?

Guests are increasingly familiar with keyless entry to their hotel rooms at check-in. How can you tell if this is the right decision for your hotel? These are the pros and cons of going keyless and what you should know before leaping.

It is a big decision to invest in a hotel room entry system. This is not something you do every few years. You may be pondering your options and wondering if your hotel should change to a keyless entry system.

Many hotels have made this shift, proving to be a huge success. Before you leap keyless hotel entry, it is important to consider the pros and cons.

Why choose Keyless Entry for Hotels?

Keyless entry is the first and most important. It is right there in its name. By taking the keys out from the equation in your hotel, you can reduce the need to copy, spare and endless door lock changes.

Many hotels have moved from using physical keys to electronic key cards. However, potential problems and costs are associated with giving hotel guests an actual item to open their rooms. Each year, it can cost thousands to produce plastic magstripe cards and staff to program these cards and issue them to hotel guests.

The Keyless Hotel Room Entry

There will be bumps in the road, as with any hotel overhaul. You need to distinguish between a temporary inconvenience and a long-term problem when installing a new system.

You should be aware of the keyless entry options available for your hotel.

The Pros of Keyless Hotels

  1. Keyless entry is a great way to simplify hotel operations. This shift to keyless entry will allow you to lower staff costs and have fewer staff on hand to issue guest cards at all hours. Easy use check-in automation is simple and agile. This will allow your staff to concentrate on other tasks. This reduces material costs and the amount of plastic waste generated by your hotel.
  2. This is an easy-to-use option for guests. Guests no longer have to worry about accidentally activating their key cards by placing them next to a magnetic card in their wallet. Guests don’t need to keep track of another item to gain access to their rooms by using a keycode or an app for keyless entrance.
  3. Adds security to your guests. You don’t have to worry about losing or dropping your card. Your guests can relax knowing that they only have access to their rooms. This extra security may make your guests feel secure and stay with you, not an Airbnb.
  4. Enhances guest experience. A hotel’s most important goal is to make guests feel safe and comfortable. A modern, keyless hotel room entrance system gives you that security. Mobile keys add a level of convenience and security for your guests.
  5. Increase customer loyalty and improve your chances of returning customers. Customers can benefit from the detail and security it provides. You can also use the mobile app to share future offers and promote your amenities.

The Cons of Keyless Hotels

  1. Some guests are reluctant to embrace new technology. Some guests may not have a smartphone or be comfortable using it.
  2. User error can occur. There are always potential hiccups, from weak signals to dead batteries and human error to use mobile devices for room access. For example, if your guests lose their phone while out, you will need to provide a backup option so they can access their room.
  3. It can be expensive. Before making this change, you need to weigh the benefits and costs.
  4. Although rare, power outages can cause serious damage to your business. Any system that depends on electricity for its operation will need a backup power source.
  5. Ensure you have the correct software. You must ensure that your keyless entry software works with all other facilities management software in your hotel (and does not pose a security threat to your guests).

Hospitality: Keyless Hotels are the Future

Although keyless entry has been more common in recent years, some major hotel chains have used it since 2010. Although the initial iterations were not without their problems, the technology has grown exponentially in recent years, with major players in the hotel industry adopting it. Some major chains have developed their digital key programs to increase customer loyalty and reduce long-term costs.

It’s easy to see that many chains use keyless entry, so millions of travellers have probably encountered it. Although it has taken a while for smaller brands to adopt the technology, it is a growing trend that will soon be the norm for all guests.

It’s important to recognize the pros and cons of any hotel operation change. Many of these cons fall under the “growing pains” category, and your hotel and your guests can adapt with time. Research shows that guests expect keyless entry upon their arrival.

You’re a Success Story with Keyless Entry to Hotels

Keyless entry has many benefits. However, it can be not easy to know where to begin.

Now you’re ready to make the switch to keyless hotel room entry. Now what?

Let’s suppose you are ready to make keyless entry possible at your hotel. What’s next?

  1. Set a budget. Stick to your budget.
  2. Look into the many keyless entry options and choose one that suits your hotel’s needs.
  3. Set a realistic time frame for the project.
  4. Tell your guests and others that you are making a difference.


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