New Zealand and Australia still have a lot of disputes about tipping. Tipping is still a controversial practice in Australia and New Zealand. Only a few businesses have adopted this custom within urban areas.

The question is: Should you tip your visitor for good service? How much do you tip for good service?

There are no hard and fast rules.

There are no clear rules in Australia. Each person will have a different answer. It is difficult to tell if a restaurant or waiter expects a tip.

In general, Australians and New Zealanders believe tipping is unnecessary and should be avoided. It encourages service personnel to pay more attention to tippers who are ‘good tippers’, or so they argue.

There is no reason to mandate tipping for Australian workers in traditional service industries. It can even seem excessive. Workers do not enforce a mandatory tip in Australia’s tourism and service industries.

It’s easy to see why tipping has yet to be regulated. Tipping is relatively new in many ways and has been brought down Under by tipping societies, especially Americans.

So… Should You Tip?

You can tip a server if you have a wonderful dining experience or a service that you think is deserving. However, you don’t have to tip every waiter.

It’s not considered impolite to not tip because it’s new. You are expected to tip waiters at high-end restaurants, taxi drivers, hotel workers, and those who transport your luggage to your rooms or provide room service if you are in a tourist area.

For example, this would be applicable in Sydney and Melbourne’s city areas as well as visitor-oriented neighborhoods such Southbank and Docklands in Melbourne, and The Rocks and Darling Harbour, Sydney. It isn’t easy to decide where and when you should tip.

If in doubt, trust your gut instincts. If you enjoyed your meal, and the waiter was friendly, round up your bill to the nearest $10. Give your taxi driver an extra $5 if he gave you great tips while driving from the airport. Tipping is not a way to offend anyone, but it shouldn’t be expected.

How Much to Tip

  • Taxis It doesn’t matter if you live in a large metropolitan area or a smaller town, a small gratuity will always be appreciated. The fare should not exceed 10 percent. The small change of coins that you receive from the driver to pay your fare is often enough.
  • Waiters at Restaurants: It all depends on the type of restaurant and the location, but a tip of 10% or less should suffice if the service were good. A standard tip for a meal is $5 per head, provided you receive excellent service. A larger tip is possible if you dine at a more expensive restaurant.
  • Hotel Room Services: If you bring your luggage to your room, it costs one to two dollars per item. A small gratuity of between two and five dollars is acceptable for those who bring in food or drinks as room service.

A standard tip of $5 for hotel service is acceptable. Tipping is based on the value of the service to you, not the amount charged. These service providers don’t usually receive tips, so any tip you give will be appreciated.

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