There are many things to do when you run a restaurant.

When the supply chain is constantly in flux and regulations change daily, it is difficult for a restaurant manager to manage a business. Online disinformation is at an all-time high. You need reliable resources to manage your restaurant. Here is a list with links to the best and most reliable blogs and websites. Choose the one that suits your style best and keep up to date with the changing industry landscape.

National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association is the gold standard in foodservice trade association blogs. This site is full of valuable information on every aspect of restaurant management. This is the best resource for restaurateurs, chefs, managers and consultants. You will find useful advice that applies to your particular business, no matter how small or large it may be. This blog contains all you need to know about managing a restaurant. This blog should be the first place every restaurateur visits for information.

Food Tech Connect

It can be difficult for managers and restaurant owners to keep up with the latest technology trends. Food TechConnect keeps you informed about what’s new, including fungi-based steaks. Cyber-attacks on the food system could threaten the industry.

Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN)

This blog provides information about the restaurant industry. It also covers the business side of the industry. Nation’s Restaurant News lets you learn about other restaurants, keep up with new technology and assess where the industry stands.

Quick Casual

Fast Casual is a blog that has been in existence since 1997. It covers everything about fast-casual. Blog topics include franchising and marketing, as well as delivery. This magazine is for restaurant owners who operate fast-casual restaurants.

The Restaurant Times

The Restaurant Times is a rich source of information. It contains informative content and interviews with foodpreneurs and case studies.

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management focuses on the business of running a restaurant. This resource for restauranteurs covers everything you need to know to run a successful operation.

FSR Magazine

FSR (Full Service Restaurants) is the magazine for you if you like to read a printed magazine. FSR’s mission is to provide ideas and insight for chefs, owners, executives and decision-makers in full-service restaurants. It delivers!

QSR Automations

The QSR Automations restaurant management and technology blog provides great information, news, and interesting stories. Despite being technology experts, they cover all aspects of information and news about restaurants.


Eater is not a restaurant management resource. However, it’s all about food, food trends and local features.

Next Restaurants

Marketing is key to ensuring that you don’t lose the best product. Restaurants are no different. Next Restaurants is a section that focuses on restaurant advertising. It provides all the information about email, mobile and social media and how you can use them to grow your customer base. Access to hundreds of articles, case studies, links, and how-to guides about marketing your restaurant.

Restaurant Owner

Success for independent restaurant owners isn’t always guaranteed. A lot of work goes into making an independent restaurant successful. Restaurant Owner offers proven advice for independent restaurants owners, with practical tips and advice about every aspect of running the business.

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