Your restaurant’s appearance has a huge impact on how customers feel about the food and their willingness to return. Here are five ideas for restaurant decor that will grab their attention.

While your restaurant’s food is important, it’s not the only thing that matters. It’s the design elements of your restaurant decor that make dining memorable. Your restaurant’s ambience directly impacts the customer’s perception of it. Every element, from the pictures on the walls to the paint colours and light fixtures, impacts your patrons’ experience. You are a restaurateur and know that the food- and beverage industry can be very competitive. These great ideas for restaurant decor will help you make an impression.

While you may be familiar with the basics of food cost and payroll calculations, most restaurateurs are still a bit lost when it comes to interior design. What does the customer dining experience do with throw pillows patterns and mirrors in bathrooms? Isn’t it all about the food at a restaurant or bar?

Patrons are more concerned about having great restaurant design ideas than ever before. Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics tool revealed that 91% of customers pay close attention to the restaurant’s interior design. They also care about how it makes them feel. Customers make their decisions about where they want to eat out. Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics tool found that 91% of customers pay attention to a restaurant’s interior design and feel.

Your restaurant’s atmosphere will determine whether or not a customer makes a lasting impression. A successful restaurant requires a well-designed interior. These restaurant decor ideas will impress your customers and help you keep your business thriving.

5 Ideas for Restaurant Decorations

  • Greenery can bring life to dining areas.

Cacti, jade, peace lilies and peace lilies are great options for your restaurant. For small restaurants, all types of greenery are great additions to your restaurant’s decor. There are many creative options available for including natural green elements in restaurant design, such as hanging vines from ceilings or a wall of living plants.

Natural greenery is a great way for customers to travel with you. The Tasting Table discovered that customers prefer restaurants with more greenery. These destinations provide a mini escape from the everyday grind, whether you’re looking for a coffee shop or a bar.

Restaurants that want to create a natural, beautiful and healthy atmosphere should invest in flowers or plants as part of their interior design. Live plants can be used as accent decor in various places, including coffee shops, clean eating restaurants, and farm to table establishments.

Another example is Brome Modern Eatery, located in Michigan. The business is proud to use only ethically sourced ingredients. This includes organic grass-fed beef and repurposed shelves made of reclaimed wood. This restaurant’s living plant wall reflects the company’s values and invites customers to come inside for the full experience. The restaurant’s interior design and food complement each other seamlessly.

  • Walls can be dressed up with typography art, graphics, and frames.

You have many options for decorating your restaurant’s walls: a large print graphic with your company logo. This typography includes a funny quote or nostalgic photos of your family’s first business. Every decor element on the walls at your restaurant will tell a story that will impact how customers see you.

A fancy restaurant that has a collection of priceless art all over it is a different experience than a breakfast place with posters of 90’s pop artists. Both establishments have different wall decor and art to create very different feelings. The beauty of restaurant interior design is that you can create completely different environments.

Wall art can be a great way for customers to pay attention to your space or draw their attention to it. Rise Art recommends that restaurant owners feature pieces that complement other colours and textures.

Another important aspect to consider when decorating walls is the overall theme of your restaurant. A picture wall featuring framed photos of your grandparents from Italy can evoke the memories of your Noni making her famous marinara and meatballs. This theme will work well in a home-style pizzeria and has a lot of history and heritage. It will also make your family feel like they are dining together.

  • Select Light Fixtures to Set The Right Tone

Light is a powerful tool, especially for restaurant decor. There are many options for lighting. The right lighting can highlight your dishes, evoke emotions and create an atmosphere unlike any other. Whatever type of lighting or fixtures you use in your restaurant, the goal is the same: to create a welcoming environment for everyone who comes to dine with you.

It is one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting restaurant decor ideas. WebstaurantStore puts it best: ” Lighting can enhance the ambience of your restaurant or make it completely uninteresting for your customers.”

We have all been to restaurants that are too dark. This can leave patrons wondering what they eat or what the kitchen is up to. Restaurants that are too bright or harsh can be stressful and jarring. It is important to find the right balance.

Remember that different light fixtures emit different levels and types of light. Lighting should be appropriate to the establishment’s theme. For example, an industrial restaurant might choose pipe pendant lights. To set the right mood, a romantic venue might opt for various indoor twinkle string lights.

TomTom restaurant and bar in Los Angeles is an excellent example of unique establishments that use unique lighting decor to their advantage. Many hanging lights are available, including chandeliers encased in glass bubbles and Edison light bulbs at various levels. Industrial chains also support classic crystal pieces. These elements make TomTom stand apart from the rest and elevate the restaurant lighting design.

Interior design and decor for restaurants are more than what you see on the walls. Your establishment’s atmosphere and dining experience will be affected by the colour and type of furniture you choose.

  • Keep your restaurant decor ideas simple and clean.

While every restaurant has a different style, it is important to keep creating a clean and simple design in your mind. Too many decorative pieces on the walls will distract customers. Customers will be turned off if too many furniture pieces are not simple enough. Toast suggests that there’s a big difference between simple and complex furniture.

The decor you choose for your restaurant should not interfere with the dining experience. If you are an avid art lover, avoid choosing sculptures or other art pieces that make it difficult for customers to find their way to the restroom. If you are all about greenery, don’t make plants so low that customers have to duck while eating pasta.

Remember that restaurants and food can become messy. Your restaurant can feel cluttered and dirty if it has too many knickknacks or BRIC-fabric. This is especially true for dining rooms that have low, soft lighting. Choose pieces that are consistent with the theme and easy to clean regularly.

Today’s trend in restaurant design is the minimalist look. Many establishments are still able to achieve great success by keeping things simple. Atelier Crenn is a French-style restaurant that features minimal decor and a minimalist design. It keeps customers coming back. This restaurant’s design is simple, but it works well for this high-end restaurant. The focus is on the food and menu. The design elements that complement this focus are highlighted and complemented by the main focus.

While it is true that restaurant decor ideas tend to be focused on looking good and pleasing the eye, functionality is just as important! When designing your space, keep the simplicity and a clean appearance in mind.

  • Keep Your Restaurant’s Brand True

Remember that your restaurant’s theme IS important! There are a lot of interior design ideas that you can try, but they won’t work if your choices don’t accurately reflect the brand.

Customers choose restaurants based on their cuisine choices, but they expect the restaurant’s interior design to reflect the experience. If it’s a ladies night out, you might consider going to the Mexican restaurant nearby for margaritas or a fiesta atmosphere. Patrons might feel like they are on the beach, drinking fun drinks and enjoying tropical-inspired wall art. A romantic wine bar downtown might be the best choice for an anniversary dinner. The intimate atmosphere is perfect for romance and love with floral linens and elegant candles.

Whatever your interior design theme, make sure every element reflects it. It’s important to have fun and enlist professional help to elevate your restaurant decor ideas. You should create a vision for your restaurant’s decor. Be sure to check in with yourself to make adjustments.

Although it takes hard work to create a great food business, the restaurant’s interior design will make or break the dining experience. Your restaurant’s success is directly affected by its interior design.

Even though you might have the best food, if your walls aren’t able to hang and the ambience is not appealing to customers, it won’t be easy to continue to thrive. These are some ideas for restaurant decor that you can incorporate into your establishment.

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