You understand the importance of keeping customers coming back to your restaurant. Even if there is a pandemic, you need loyal customers who love your food. Brand loyalty can help you save money and increase profitability when opening a restaurant. There are many ways to create loyalty programs, but the most important is encouraging customers to return. According to¬†Publicis Sapient’s Digital Life Index, customer loyalty programs are one of three factors that influence restaurant choice.

One way to convince diners to choose your restaurant as their favorite place to eat is to establish a customer loyalty program. Customer loyalty programs track customers’ spending and reward them with points that can be exchanged for prizes.

Start Your Restaurant’s First Loyalty Programme

According to Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, the program’s improvements and updates over time have led to a 25% increase in restaurant loyalty programs.

This is how to get your restaurant’s first loyalty program started.

Loyalty points are available; you can create a loyalty program that rewards customers for frequent visits to your restaurant and spending money on their bills. With a customized voucher code, you can offer discounts or promotions based on your customer’s bill.

Loyal customers will be rewarded with more points and incentives. This is a great incentive as long as they get the right benefits. Customers who earn loyalty points will see an increase in the average amount they spend and can redeem rewards points.

Make it Exclusive

Not only can you have a great loyalty program by sending attractive emails or SMS to your customers to remind them to redeem their points, but there are other ways to do it. Customers want to feel special in your restaurant. Loyalty program customers can get exclusive perks that will make them feel like VIPs.

You might offer reservations early access for special dinners, valet parking or complimentary meals, prime seating or more happy hours. Learn about your customers and their preferences. You might even be able to serve desserts or drinks at the house. Your loyalty program is an opportunity to create lasting relationships with your most loyal customers.

Free Delivery

COVID continues, but it is important to ensure that your loyalty program can be used by counters who order food at home. Customers who order food at your restaurant can get free delivery. You can reduce delivery costs by offering free delivery for every order. This makes the experience more exciting and unexpected. You can limit the number of customers who have access to free delivery. Customers will also get more food, and you’ll also be making money.

Please keep it simple

No matter what format you choose, it should be easy to understand by your workers and customers. A POS system can be integrated to ensure that your employees aren’t fumbling around while still serving loyal customers. A great POS system will eliminate the need for punch cards that can be lost or damaged. You can also gain insight into your customers through the data they give you or participation in surveys.

Promote The Loyalty Programme

No matter which restaurant loyalty program idea you choose, you must promote them vigorously once launched. You can share happy customer stories about people who received their freebies via social media. Your program should be mentioned in your marketing strategy to encourage customers to sign up.

You can spread the word by setting up tables at local events and collaborating with other businesses. Create a website for the restaurant so that customers can find the best seats.


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