We all have had some ideas for food businesses and thought we should open a restaurant or a nightclub. But, very few people ever open a restaurant with this level of activity. No matter how great your restaurant idea is, it doesn’t matter what type of restaurant or food-business format you choose when opening a restaurant. Different restaurant formats require different investments. Each one has its net revenues, and each format takes a different amount of time to reach its breakeven point.

Continue reading to learn more about how to increase restaurant net revenues. We have shared the best food business ideas, which don’t require much investment, involve the lowest risks, and generate high-net revenue.

High-Profit Food Business and Restaurant Ideas

Diverse restaurant concepts can generate diverse net revenues. Below is a list of high-benefit business opportunities in food that can bring you huge benefits.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). 

Quick Service Restaurants are a popular choice for food business ideas because they require little investment and offer high returns. A Fast Food Outlet requires around Rs 10-15 lakh. Most of this would be used to promote the restaurant. The location is crucial for a business’s profitability, as it is dependent on high volumes of orders. It would be best to establish a QSR anywhere there is a dense population. This could include a shopping center, large office complex, high footfall area, huge office complexes, highways and clinics, and air terminals and airports. Most Quick Service Restaurants offer fast food that can be semi-arranged in advance or set up quickly.

This restaurant business idea will save you money on setting up seating, furniture and earthenware. You might also want fewer employees since QSRs tend to be self-administrating restaurants. It would be easier to conceptualize the project and get your permit in place. You will need three licenses: a shop foundation permit, a police eatery permit, and permission from the neighborhood authority.

A typical dinner menu for two at a Quick Service Restaurant costs Rs 500-600. The type of restaurant you choose and the food served can affect the menu costs.

QSRs can earn a high-overall income of roughly 15-25% due to the low underlying investment in this food business. If the business operates smoothly, this encourages quick-service restaurants to reach their breakeven point within 3-6 months.

QSR should be considered a restaurant business. This means that whatever you win will be used for further development. These long-chain QSR formats typically take at least two years to reach their original investment point and maximize their overall revenue.

Quick Service Restaurants can be a success with minimal upkeep. Learn how to open a Quick Service Restaurant.

Easygoing dine restaurants

Easygoing dine restaurants are a popular choice for both new and existing restaurateurs. These investments are not very expensive. They can reach breakeven in a year and a half. Casual Dine-in restaurants have a surplus margin of 20-25%. This makes them one of the best food business ideas.

Casual Dining Restaurants don’t require a luxurious area. The preferred location for Casual Dining Restaurants is one with high footfall, shopping centers, and streets. The area should not be less than 2000 square feet. A casual dining restaurant can be opened in India with an investment of between 10 and 15 lakhs. Fire Safety Certificate, Shop Establishment and Police Eating House licenses are required. Liquor permits, local municipal position permissions with seating capacity and GST registration are also required. There are 15 required workers.

In contrast to their high-quality counterparts, the easygoing feasting restaurants try to offer a more relaxed and casual environment with menu items that are best in the market. They include burgers and sandwiches and pasta, and they also accompany a variety of bar menus. Customers usually pay Rs. 500 per supper. 500 to Rs. 1,000 (for two).

According to a report, the center has a restaurant business worth Rs 9.500 crore, and easygoing feasting structures it with around Rs 4,000 crore. According to industry gauges, this is expected to reach Rs 9,000 crore in 2018. The market is stable at Rs 500 crore, despite the delicious food.

This is a testament to the immense potential of easygoing restaurants as a food business idea.

Food trucks

Another food business idea is the food truck. It has the potential to generate a large amount of net revenue. The capital required is Rs 10-20 lakhs, but the net income you will generate is significant.

It is expensive to open a Food Truck. Recycled trucks can be converted to Food Trucks, costing between Rs 8-10 lakh. To run a food truck, you will also need at least 3-4 people. You will need to have a Fire Safety Certificate, NOC From RTO, NOC From Municipal Corporation, Shop Establishment License (FSSAI Mobile Vendor License) and Kitchen Insurance to start a food cart or food truck.

This restaurant business idea suggests that you target areas with high footfall, such as shopping streets or office/school areas. This format is flexible and allows you to move around.

It’s not unusual to see Food Trucks lining up in large areas of busy shopping streets and school areas. These people are always looking for cheap, quick food that they can quickly enjoy and then return to their jobs. This format is uncommonly profitable and can help you reach your breakeven point in 6-8 months. A food truck’s net revenue is usually about half that of a food truck. However, net revenues can vary depending on the type of food you serve. The net revenues also shift from one season to the next and from one location to another.

Food trucks are a great option for people looking for high-quality food business ideas. Learn how to open a Food Truck.

Cloud Kitchens

Cloud Kitchen is a great option for those just starting in the restaurant industry and looking for high-quality, profitable business ideas. You don’t need to invest in this business because you can cook in your kitchen with all the necessary hardware and utensils. You can also avoid the monthly rentals required by most restaurants. Your capital would not exceed one to two lakhs. There are many ways to market yourself. You can use disconnected methods or for all purposes. Get yourself connected with different conveyance stages. Once you have done this correctly, you will be able to see the flood of orders and make your breakeven within minutes.

Cloud kitchens can be small or large scale. However, they can also produce high-quality cloud meals on a larger scale.

We hope you have gained a better understanding of high-benefit food business opportunities. You can now contribute to where you are able and reap many benefits.


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